Nothing Is Perfect: "Forgiveness"

I apologize for not sending out a song last week - I took a little vacation to Joshua Tree for some much needed relaxation and reconnection with nature. You can check out some pictures from my trip here:

Speaking of forgiveness, this weeks demo, “Forgiveness”, is a story about me learning to forgive others within my life. This song for me deals with familial forgiveness and explores my personal journey of coming out, my family not initially understanding it and how I held on to the anger and frustration, which grew creating a distance between myself and my family. Over time, I came to understand that holding on to the frustration and anger was actually counterintuitive to what I wanted and ultimately what my family wanted - closeness, intimacy, openness, understanding and love.

Taking inventory of myself and facing my anger opened the space for my family to take inventory of themselves as well and they have become my biggest supporters within my relationship, who I am, and the person I am becoming.

Forgiveness may not always seem easy, but taking the little steps to get you there can bring about a lot of freedom and love and baby, YOU’RE WORTH ALL OF THAT AND MORE. Do you see any areas in your life where forgiveness can help you find freedom (even if that forgiveness is a forgiveness of yourself)? Don’t be afraid to face it - fear is the only thing actively working to hold you back.



Joshua Tree - 9/23/2018

Joshua Tree - 9/23/2018

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