Nothing Is Perfect: "Psychopath"

I’m sitting here trying to figure out a clever way of describing what this song means to me but in all honesty, the cleverness is losing to the fact that I’d just like to share that this song is about expressing your needs when it comes to love while also trying to figure out what love is as a result of the, at times, confusing examples of love that surround us; whether they be familial love or love in romantic comedies or celebrated love tragedies or just the relationships with ourselves.

I wrote this song in hopes of recognizing that my emotions, feelings, needs, desires, and yearnings in love were, and are, normal and that I in fact am not a psychopath for feeling and acknowledging that they exist; but I needed to find a healthy way of expressing them and understanding the part they played in how I operated in the relationship to myself, my partner, and my friends and family.

At the end of the day, I needed love and I needed to be able to express that love I had for others freely, openly, and honestly. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Don’t know if that’s a clever explanation, but it definitely was from the heart.



Vincent ColemanComment