Nothing Is Perfect: "A Flower. A Dagger." (DEMO)

I recently opened up about my struggle with depression on instagram and with you all through this blog, which I'm so thankful for regarding you allowing me to be open and for also sharing your struggles & stories with me. Someone recently sent me this message via insta and I'd like to share it with you:

"Dear V, 

Thank you so much for recently opening up about your struggles with depression. As a black man, I too have struggled with depression and have not had many spaces to be open about it due to the stigma that, at times, runs rampant in our community regarding depression and other mental health issues/concerns. Reading your story about how you were struggling and started to find healing in taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually really inspired me to start being more open with others around me when I'm struggling with feeling depressed, down, or sad. I'd really like to say thank you again for being open and honest. We need more humans, especially men and specifically more men of color to lead this conversation and allow us to be human in all aspects..."

I teared up while reading this message and it inspired me to share this song with you; a demo that I wrote called "A Flower. A Dagger." about my struggle with depression and the journey of trying to find triumph within the struggle. Hope we can all continue to share our stories so we can help each other get through. 

Much love & even more love from yourself to yourself and as a result, to others. 


Vincent ColemanComment