Nothing Is Perfect: "Little Did I Know"

Welcome! This is the first song share of many. Hope you enjoy!


First off, RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT EASY! Can I get an Amen? They take work, dedication, an odd combination of selflessness and selfishness, and continued nurturing and growth.  

Before I met the man I get to have the honor of calling my husband, I experienced a few toxic relationships that were filled with passion but riddled in chaos, emotional damage, and unhealthy habits of communication; as a result, I lost a little bit of faith in love - not just romantic love, but also the love that I needed for myself.

When I first met Andrew, I was so afraid of the potential of being in a relationship; my understanding of what a relationship was was misconstrued/misdefined by my past experiences, but through forgiveness of self and others, facing my fears around love, a lot of patience, honesty, allowing myself to trust myself and my partner, mutual respect, and a greater understanding that we were in fact choosing to love one another, almost six years later, we are still creating a beautiful love story.

Nothing is Perfect, but Andrew (who I know is reading this), you're pretty damn close. "Little Did I Know" is a song to say thank you for helping me find peace through our love. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of "Little Did I Know" and don't be afraid to share your own love story, whether it's about learning to love someone else or yourself.