Nothing Is Perfect: A Song A Week

Can I be honest with you?

In 2017, I struggled with depression. Depression has been something that I’ve struggled with during many seasons in my life, but this time it was a bit of a heavier cloud than I anticipated. I decided to go back to therapy and take some time to reflect on questions that were present to me - How can I be successful in music? What exactly is my purpose? How can I be better in my relationship? Why do I keep carrying other peoples burdens? Why have I not been taking care of my own health? Allowing myself to face these questions, though daunting, was an opportunity for me to press the restart button and begin a new journey of redefining my relationship with myself, my body, my circle of support, and how I approached music. 

So to kickstart my restart, I gave myself the challenge of writing 40 songs in 2 months and I am excited to share them with you. None of them are perfect, but each of them have a spirit of vulnerability, love, sensuality, and an attempt at finding a way to explore my journey of bettering me. 

So I introduce to you “Nothing Is Perfect: A Song A Week”, a personal project that begins next Thursday, August 9 and includes demos, song ideas, and stories behind the music. Look out for an email and keep visiting for new posts and new songs. 

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your universe. I really appreciate it. Lets enjoy this journey of perfect imperfection together. 

For Now, check out my officially released music on Spotifyor Soundcloudand listen to the latest release “Holding Us Down” from Australia’s own Foynes ft. Vincent Coleman (lyrics written and vocals performed by me) BELOW: