Nothing Is Perfect: "Me & You"

"ME & YOU" Written by Vincent Coleman, Production by Nick Pingree

I've learned through so many relationships, whether familial, romantic, or platonic, that love takes vulnerability, which, at times, can be very scary to us as human beings due to the way we've been conditioned to define vulnerability as a weakness and also as a result of our experiences that can lead us to fear being hurt or taken advantage of by others. But when we allow love to be at the cornerstone of our vulnerability, I think it opens us up to an even better understanding of our humanity. 

"Me & You", written by myself and produced by my friend Nick Pingree, is an exploration of vulnerability. Relationships were so scary to me because I had been hurt so many times and I realized I was holding on to that heartbreak when new opportunities for relationships would come my way. I wasn't really taking the time to face that fear and ultimately, I started to see how it was affecting my ability to be vulnerable and creating a prison of hanging onto the hurt instead of allowing the space for love to flourish and forgiveness of myself and others. Once I opened myself up to operate in love, kindness, honesty, forgiveness, truth, and most of all, self-healing, I was able to face the juxtaposition of that fear and the love I desired; I was able to acknowledge the fear but embrace the love. 

"Me & You" is an opportunity for me to be vulnerable; a story of acknowledgment vs. what I wanted to embrace; the choice to let love rule even in the face of that fear. 

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With So Much Love,